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Do you accept insurance?
Depending on your insurance plan, many clients submit invoices independently and are able to obtain partial or full reimbursement for counseling services. If you wish to submit your counseling services to your insurance company, you may request an invoice. If you are planning to submit an invoice to your insurance company, you may want to contact them first to discuss your benefits. This may assist you in receiving reimbursement from your insurance company in a more prompt manner. Some helpful questions to ask your insurance provider:

     Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
     What is my deductible and has it been met?
     How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
     What is the coverage amount per counseling/therapy session?
     Do I need a referral for counseling from my primary care physician?
What is the length of an appointment?
Appointments are 45-minutes but clients have the option of reserving additional appointment blocks if the need arises. 
What if I miss a scheduled appointment?
If for some reason you can't make your appointment we can reschedule you for a different day or time. Please call to reschedule within 48hrs of your appointment.